That Tiny and Playful God. Premiere in New York

That tiny playful God is the title of the new multimedia show that combines the poetry of the writer Kirmen Uribe, the music by Mikel Urdangarin, Rafa Rueda and Bingen Mendizabal and the drawings by the plastic artist Mikel Valverde.

The group first came together in 2003 when premiered at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York their first CD-Book called Zaharregia txikiegia agian (Too old, too small maybe). Bob Holman and Margaret Snyder chose it as one of the best poetry audios published in 2004. They performed in Spain, France, Ireland, Germany and USA. In the 2006 San Sebastian Film Festival Arkaitz Basterra filmmaker released a documentary based on the experience of the group titled Agian, Maybe.

Now, after ten years, they publish a new CD-book (in Basque, Spanish and English) and premiere in New York City at the Bowery Arts & Science, November 18th. Live, the group combines songs, poetry reading with musical bases and projections. On stage, the three musicians and the writer interpret the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, fiddle with seven strings, keyboards and percussion as well as vocals and recitations.