The novel “BILBAO-NEW YORK-BILBAO” among the Best Fiction Novels of the year, according to Foyles

The novel Bilbao-New York-Bilbao of Kirmen Uribe has been selected for the list of 2014 best fiction novels of the Foyles Magazine. This is not the first recognition that Uribe’s book has received: among others, he has won the National Award for Fiction (2009) or the National Critics Award 2008 of Basque books.

This year´s list of the top 10 fiction includes 15 volumes, to emphasize the level of literature published this year. As the editor Jonathan Ruppin writes, it was too difficult to limit the list to 10 volumes, and among the 15 selected he has included the work by Uribe, highlighting translation labor of the publisher Indie Seren (Elizabeth Macklin).