Ekidazu, lehoiek ez dakite biolina jotzen

Ekidazu: Lions Don’t Play the Violin

Elkar, 2003

ekidazuFar, far away is a planet called Abereta; on that planet is a land called Ekidazu. Once it was the land of the donkeys, but in recent years a number of other animals have moved in on them. The natives of Ekidazu are famous for their love of music, and also because they love adventure. The reader will find many of their adventures in this book.

Lions don’t play the violin, that’s a well-known fact, but donkeys do, they know how to play the violin, and the flute, and the guitar, and the saxophone, too. Or at least many of the natives of Ekidazu do. They are said to have the custom of giving all the little donkeys musical instruments as gifts. According to many, the donkeys of Ekidazu learn to play music even before they learn to fish. According to hyperbolic sorts, little donkeys come out of their mothers at birth along with a musical instrument. But everyone knows that these exaggerations are nothing but little fibs.