Garmendia errege

Garmendia the King

Elkar, 2004
garmendia-erregeAt the close of the nineteenth century, a Basque known as Garmendia went to North America to become a sheepherder. Although he never fired a shot, he got a reputation as a gunslinger. And he had ever so many adventures. Kirmen Uribe, with the accompaniment of Mikel Valverde’s drawings, recounted several of those in Garmendia and the Black Rider. In this second book, they tell the story of the time when Garmendia and his best friend, the Mexican Amalio, worked in a circus. Here we meet Buffalo Bill, the renowned Native Americans Sitting Bull and Geronimo, and plenty of other personalities of the time.

What happens is that Garmendia gets a job as a strongman in the circus and becomes famous all over. Garmendia gets blinded by his fame, though, and at the end will need help from Amalio and his other comrades to realize what the most important things in life really are.