Garmendia eta zaldun beltza

Garmendia and the Black Rider

Elkar, 2003

garmendia-zaldunaAt the end of the nineteenth century, there were plenty of gunslingers in the North American West. And one of those gunslingers was a Basque named Garmendia. He was a mountain of a man, over 220 pounds in his bare feet, silent and solitary. A sheepherder, he very seldom went down to the peopled localities, and what’s more, he knew no English. His sheepherder’s isolation and his troubles with English both gave him the reputation of an alien in the nearest town, nearly a wild beast, to go by what the people there said. The thing is, owing to a certain sequence of events, he became terribly famous at one time; for people accused him of having ruthlessly killed men by the dozens, though in actual fact no one ever saw him fire a single shot.