MusscheLo que mueve el mundo1

“Mussche”: Kirmen Uribe’s new novel (“Lo que mueve el mundo” in Spanish, “What Makes The World Go Around”) has been published in Spanish (Seix Barral, 2013-03-12), Catalan (Edicions 62) and Galician (Xerais).

In May 1937, after the bombing of Guernica, thousands of Basque children left the port of Santurce way to exile. Among them was Carmen, a girl of eight years who was hosted in the home of a writer (Robert Mussche) in Ghent, Belgium. The writer’s life changes with the arrival of the child and, gradually, the events lead to an unexpected ending.

“A thrilling novel from the first line to the last. The vicissitudes of the young Belgian writer related to Basque war children, is a narrative tense, exemplary in its structure and that oozes authenticity”.

César Coca, El Correo.

“Lo que mueve el mundo contains a very attractive human matter. Little by little, is talking about moral issues and emotional, friendship, selflessness and quiet heroism, love …”

Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Cultural, El Mundo.

“Kirmen Uribe is a writer able to tell a good story in 200 pages when many need twice without achieving the same result. The book is written with the simplicity that characterizes him and never leave us indifferent”.

Gabriel María Otalora, Deia.

“Closely tied to the aesthetics of Emmanuel Carrère and J. M. Coetzee, Kirmen Uribe wanted to pay tribute to a friend soon disappeared, to whom it is addressed, almost in a whisper, the narrator of the novel, to tell a story of memory and emotional resistance”.

Jon Kortazar, Babelia, El País.

Book Trailer “Mussche” by Angel Aldarondo.